Most People Will Never Be Great At Property Valuers Sydney

That showed up when BPS difference BP’s shares plummet afterward is a courtesy did the right thing how come the markets not reacting positively to finish the story for about three months later the stock price fitfully recovered but during the treatment period guess what is happening all these people gathered in your room those dividend addicts are leaving the company.

New group of stockholders coming in but that doesn’t happen instantaneously and in the treatment period have to be peace top managers lost their jobs you know what they deserve to they deserve to because they let a problem continued for a decade until it got out of the control it’s never easy card evidence I’m not going to claim the dividend cuts are going to be marketability.

Of this is wonderful in fact this is from a study that looked at companies are quite different for different reasons and for every group of companies in companionship evidence because they don’t know any structure they’re doing badly some companies cut their dividends because a good investment opportunities in the future the kind of someone is a bad reason when is a good reason on the day that they announced a different kind guess what the market treat them all bad but if you track through the companies that actually did it for the right reasons the price does come back markets can behave irrationally but they won’t stay irrationally lower high waited.

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