Believe In Your Property Valuation Skills But Never Stop Improving

sure you use the same tax rate in that specific here you can kind of decorate the throne – on that to make it negative and I’m going to add everything though i had left out that other for now and I’ll give you a few minutest catch up we’ll talk about other ah tell other let’s go to the cash flow statement we didn’t want to replicate the cash flow statement and probably make adjustments the same way the Cass team is making adjustments but remember we’re making adjustments to be bit and not know.

so some things might be different and you also remember the adjustment that were made were supposed to represent the operating asked business based on me already answered it’s so let me get the cash flow statement we’ve adjusted for any depreciation defer taxes and always working capital islands we did not adjust for discontinued operations we do not adjust for other property valuation Melbourne cost opportunities the question is should we and let’s start I mean this is trivial because it’s hero but if this had value with this be an adjustment that we would make in the casual state anything this is no anyone else that will wow you know what does not attract let’s.

say it was a worker so right because they are occurring it’s not going to be alright so now let me make it more delicate what is this was occurring represent one operation right because it’s extraordinary extraordinary of this happens you going on hold because it’s basically an Operations rightist doesn’t write even is going on multiple times it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s port operations like all other present the present already has it doesn’t match up the present operating assets absolutely now we take it to a third degree of complexity and let’s say that it did let’s say that this was let’s.

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